Curriculum Vitae Personal Statements CESR CV (GMC) Letter writing
Curriculum VitaePersonal StatementsCESR CV (GMC)Letter writing   

 What is CESR (certificate of eligibility for specialist registration is a way for doctors who have been staff, speciality, or associate specialist grade to gain a specialist qualification                                                                              For your CESR or ARTICLE 14 your cv needs to be specifically written for the application (recommended by the gmc)                                                                                                                 our trained advisors can write your cesr cv UsinG The gmc aPproved Format and Guidelines.                                       Take the stress out of yOur cesr. All CV checked by gmc registered doctors

A CESR CV needs to be formatted to GMC requirements. We have the experience to help. The article 14/CESR process is lengthy and time consuming we can advise on your application and help you secure your CESR.

A CESR document contains 18 sections and each section needs to be well structured,with relevant information. It needs to demonstrate excellent communication skills, and an organised approach.

We have written CESR applications and are familiar with specialty specific guidelines.

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